Digital revolution: the skills shock waiting for France

A report by the Employment Orientation Council (COE) published on Wednesday outlines the skills to be developed to adapt the labor market to the digital revolution and calls for profound changes in the training system.

A few days before the start of the reform of vocational training and apprenticeship, the report released Wednesday by the Employment Orientation Council (COE) sheds light on the march that France must take. to cross to adapt its labor market to the digital revolution. In a country which for a long time has sanctified the diploma, “our traditional ambitions in terms of the level of qualification of the population are no longer sufficient , ” say the authors of this study.

 France risks missing its digital shift

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In a first opus published in January, the WCC, a think-tank under Matignon, had mitigated the effects of this digital revolution by estimating that “only” one job out of ten was threatened by robotics, intelligence artificial or technologies related to the Internet.But one in two was likely to be transformed.It remained to draw the stakes of this transformation in terms of skills needed.

Lack of digital and expert scientific skills

Image result for digital This is the whole purpose of the second report for which the WCC drew from all the literature on the subject, questioned the OPCA – these joint bodies that manage the 1% employer – and used the professional social network LinkedIn.

It shows that three types of skills will become more important in the years to come. There are those directly related to the technologies in question. As pointed out by the last observatory on employment needs of Pôle emploi, France already lacks brains. The situation is not expected to improve since 80,000 jobs were to be vacant by 2020. “The gap between supply and demand for expert digital and scientific skills is significant and growing,” the WCC warns. .

Added to this are new skills, very varied, not necessarily digital. The automation of greenhouse cultivation, for example, requires agricultural workers to acquire knowledge in agronomy.

Finally, a very large number of people with low or medium skills – those who will be the most affected – will have to acquire or reinforce transversal competences, the recourse of which will also increase with the digitization of professional spaces: teamwork, autonomy , literacy or numeracy …

Fight against illectronism

Fight against illectronism

To succeed in this quest for greater expertise coupled with a fight against illectronism, the WCC calls for a “global strategy” in which the social partners – because they are the best placed in the company or branches to appreciate the impact of the technologies – would see their roles strengthened. As a result, recommendations that may seem general, but have the merit of putting a spotlight on the most glaring defects of vocational training in the French.

This requires, in particular, the ability to identify needs more quickly, via a shared reference system of skills (and a systematic approach based on skills), a glaring lack despite the reforms that have taken place over the last fifteen years.

Financing “too complex”

Financing "too complex"

Another problem to be solved, the national directories of certifications – “incomplete, and not very legible” – must make their aggiornamento. “The heaviness of our system does not allow it to influence in time the policies of each other, nor to update in time the content of all certifications,” says the report.

Even a lack of recognition for the (very numerous) prospective organizations that each work in their own corner. Or for the training organizations themselves, very late in taking digital into their pedagogy. The financing of vocational training deemed “too complex”, is not immune to criticism any more than the new legal provisions. – CEP, CPA or CPF. – available assets to help them take charge of their careers “The the ability of everyone to orient themselves and to be accompanied to orient themselves is still very insufficient “, judges the WCC.

Employees not “only responsible”

The social partners, whose interprofessional agreements have fed all laws on continuing education since that of Jacques Delors in 1971, will appreciate: despite the defects of the building, the WCC believes that “the consequences of the current technological revolution all confirm the orientations initiated since 2002 ” . This is particularly the case of “new room for maneuver given to the assets to take control of their career and career development. “This is the account staff training, the CPF Board or professional matters, the CPE.

But, tempers the Council, “employees can not be made solely responsible for their training. Businesses and the public service also have a vital role. ” The acceleration of the implementation of these tools is therefore a priority,” he says.The message will particularly resonate with the government, Emmanuel Macron pushed during his campaign in the direction of greater autonomy of employees or jobseekers.

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